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Iosif Ion Prunner

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Iosif Ion Prunner has been conducting the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir in Bucharest, Romania for over 20 years. Born in a well-known musical family (Prunner-Silvestri) which appeared on the stage of the Philharmonic for more than 100 years, he began studying the piano with his father at the age of 5.

Ruxandra Alexandrescu, Iulia Artamanov, Laura Chera, Mădălina Constantin, Iolanda Constantinescu, Lăcrămioara Cosmescu, Mădălina Creţu-Cârcotă, Raluca Enea, Anfisa Fugaru, Elena Violeta Gheorghe, Alina Grămadă, Irina Ionescu, Mirela Ionescu, Simona Nicoleta Jidveanu, Eugenia Lică, Alda Macri, Lavinia Mamot.Neluţa Nicolae, Ştefana Puia, Elena Răduţ-Silişte, Anca Sandu, Mădălina Stan, Elena Stancu, Ecaterina Unguru, Anelyia Vidinova, Cristina Voicea, Mioara Voicu

Colaboratori permanenti: Alexandra Ştefănescu

Alexandra Andrei,Loredana Ştefania Boloş,Alina Buzdugan,Mariana Constantin,Nicoleta Constantin,Marta Daniela Daia,Georgiana Dumitru, Andreea Lucaciu, Maria Lungu, Haricleea Marica,Mariana Mirescu, Geanina Munteanu, Simona Oarfă, Liliana Seica, Magdalena Serafim, Alexandrina Vizitiu

Colaboratori permanenti:Sorina Popescu.

Mircea Ciurez, Olimpian Cojocaru, Florian Costea, Daian Dinulescu, Octavian Dobrotă,Paul Ghica, Mircea Ionescu, Cristian Manta, Cristian Mitrache, Ioan Vasile Orheian, Ionuţ Popescu, Mircea Popescu, Cătălin Stoica, Dragoş Teodorescu

Colaboratori permanenti: Adrian Tănase

Cristian Băbuţă, Ieronim Buga, Constantin Cocriş, Adrian Fugaru , Florin Ganea, Sorin Georgescu, Răzvan Georgescu, Nicolae Grof, Valentin Ivaşcu, Emilian Mincu, Marius Nine, Gabriel Ştefan

Colaboratori permanenti: Cristian Constantinescu, Radu Isăcescu, Ştefan Lamatic

Andrei Licareț

The "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir was established in 1950. Up to that point, great vocal- symphonic works had been only sporadically performed on Romanian stages, mostly by private and semi-proffesional choirs which didn't always correspond to the level of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The New State Choir brought about a true change of the general public perception concerning the classical music. In its tireless and rich activity - oratorios, masses, motets, a capella concerts - the vocal ensemble performed all masterpieces from Monteverdi to Bach, Haydn to Brahms, to the most avangardistic works of contemporary music. The careful selection of the choir members, as well as the collaboration with notorious conductors contribute both to maintaining the professional level next to the standards of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1990, the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir took part in extraordinary events of the Romanian musical life. In 1995 it had the chance to work with the great Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki and in 1998 it performed a concert version of the opera Oedipe by George Enescu together with Orchestre Nationale de France and Lawrence Foster, during the George Enescu International Festival.

The conductor and pianist Iosif Ion Prunner, member of a well-known family of musicians and intellectuals in Romania, took over the leadership of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir in 1997. During his tenure which already spans over two decades, the conductor of the Coir has encouraged the expansion of the choir repertory and supported as well the solo appearances of the choir members. In this case, he often plays the role of the accompanist on the piano in chamber music evenings.

As part of the European musical circuit, The " George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir goes regularly on international tours, having already performed in Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece. Among the most important recent achievements are worth mentioning the collaborations with first caliber orchestras and conductors at the George Enescu Festival: Daniel Barenboim and Staatskapelle Berlin (2013, in Verdi's Four Sacred Pieces), Vladimir Jurowski and The London Philharmonic Orchestra (2017, in Enescu's opera Oedipe, which was repeated shortly after in the season opening of the same British orchestra).