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Joseph Ion Prunner

The conductor of the academic choir

Iosif Ion Prunner (1).jpg

Iosif Ion Prunner has been the conductor of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir for over 20 years.

Born into a well-known family of musicians (Prunner-Silvestri), present for over a century on the stage of the Philharmonic, he began studying the piano with his father at the age of 5. After graduating from the University of Music, he carries out an intense activity as a concert and chamber music pianist in the country and abroad (Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland). At the same time, he studies conducting with Constantin Bugeanu and Sergiu Comissiona, being appointed the conductor of the Philharmonic Choir "George Enescu" by Cristian Mandeal, the director of the Philharmonic. During that period, he led the choir in all the events he supported in the a cappella concerts, with the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra, but also with the great European orchestras and their conductors.

As an orchestra conductor, in addition to the concerts and performances held with the "George Enescu" Philharmonic, the National Radio Orchestra and the National Opera in Bucharest, he collaborated with famous European ensembles: the Orpheus Choir (San Sebastian), the Capitol Orchestra - Toulouse, the Russian Philharmonic and . a., on important stages.

In the concerts held as a pianist, conductor, choir conductor, he collaborated with personalities of the international musical life: Ion Marin, Adrian Erod, Neil Stuart, Dolora Zeijck, Tougan Sukiev, Daniel Barenboim, Pietro Colombara, Valentin Gheorghiu and others.

"Admiration and Affection" (Daniel Barenboim)

"Remarkable artistic contribution" (Sergiu Comissiona)

"The applause continued for more than 15 minutes, being a real triumph for the conductor and composer" (in the cultural news magazine Tărmuri - Elena Eremeeva, Moscow)

"Admiration for great talent" (Tobias Picker - composer and columnist from New York)

"In the prelude to the opera Parsifal, he established that hieratic state, of a rare spiritual height" (I. Staicovici - Musical News)

"Given the temperament of an artist" (Iosif Sava)

"With efficiency and pomp, he highlighted in Liszt's Dante Symphony the exceptional qualities of the woodwinds and low strings" (Doina Moga - Musical News)

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